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Quantahacks 2021

Create a coding project under one of 4 tracks and win prizes!

OFFICIAL DATES: Jan 23 – 24, 2021

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About This Hackathon

Quantahacks is a free and intensive 48-hour experience for coders of all levels. Come and improve your technical skills through our workshops, get inspired by our panel of speakers, or have fun during game night! Participants may work by themselves or in groups of up to 4 members. Projects will be submitted under one of 4 tracks: Health and Technology, Environment, Social Good, or Innovation (details below).

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Submission Tracks of Quantahacks

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Do you have an idea that could improve any aspect of health systems or tools such as smartwatches, disease diagnosis, telemedicine, etc.? Then this may be the track for you. Explore and create projects in medicine or health using technological solutions.


Do you have an idea that could help in the protection of the environment, such as monitoring carbon footprint, increasing resource efficiency, etc.? Then this may be the track for you. Create modern solutions, big or small, to fight against any type of environmental problems that passions you to make our planet greener.


Do you have an idea that could help those in need, such as the distribution of aid/resources, connecting those who are facing hardships in this pandemic, etc.? Then this may be the track for you. Using technology, find a way to improve the lives of others, particularly the vulnerable and in need, and uplift our society.


Do you have an idea that does not strictly fit under the above tracks? Consider submitting under innovation if your idea is notable for its originality and creativity!

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