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Why Girls

We believe that girls especially should engage with STEM as early as possible, to break the preconception of it being “for boys” or “too nerdy”.

In today's world, 84% of STEM workers in North America are Asian and Caucasian males, and women obtaining computer science degrees are on the decline. Women made up 44% of first-year STEM students in 2010, while they accounted for more than 64% of students in non-STEM programs. However, experts have found that gender diversity increases the value S&P 500 firms by $42 million, and companies with diverse teams produce 19% more revenue.

On a micro-level, we can personally attest to this gender disparity. In our computer programming classes in high school, we were the only girls in classes of more than 50 students in total. We have felt awkward, out of place, and like we didn’t belong. We want to live in a world where no more girls have to feel this way.

At STEM for FEM, we believe STEM is 100% for girls, can be incredibly cool, and can be completely free. We are providing life-changing opportunities that will create a more equal work environment for the young girls who are our future.

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