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Virtual Conference Throwback

We were originally disappointed at not being able to host a full-fledged in-person conference as STEM for FEM planned to back in spring. We envisioned a full lecture hall, free snacks, and talking to speakers face-to-face.

Yet, we were amazed at the power of video conferencing to bring together not only people in my city, but from all over. Through our virtual conference, we were able to have more guest speakers and more participants who would not have been able to be there.

Our virtual conference on August 11th showcased a diverse panel of speakers; from software engineers to neuroscientists, almost every STEM field was represented. All were professionals in their field of study. The audience was equally diverse, as we had guests in middle school, university students, and all the way up to a few people already working in their careers. During the event, each speaker shared so much knowledge with the audience of all ages and answered countless questions, imparting invaluable insight to this next generation of scientists and problem-solvers.

Afterward, we were incredibly touched when several people reached out thanking STEM for FEM for hosting the event. In fact, a few reached out with the purpose of obtaining some of the speakers’ contact information to further connect with them in a mentor-mentee relationship.

Through the event, STEM for FEM was able to amplify the voices of minorities in STEM and shed light on the lack of diversity in science and science-adjacent fields. We hope we inspired many to pursue their interests in whatever field they are into and offered them a glimpse into what a professional career in various disciplines actually looks like.

Don’t miss out on our next initiative! This virtual conference finished, of course, but it doesn’t really stop here – we will have more interviews up on our website and social media from even more STEM professionals, so stay tuned for those! You can follow us at @stem_for_fem on Instagram and check out our website to check them out when they release, as well as for all future events.

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