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Quantahacks Throwback

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Over the weekend of January 23-24, STEM for FEM was honored to host a virtual hackathon, Quantahacks! Although we missed out on hands-on guidance during workshops and seminars that come with in-person hackathons, we were able to bring more people together from around the globe. Through our virtual talks and workshops, we were able to have more guest speakers and more participants who would otherwise not have been able to be there.

Sponsors and partner organizations hosted a diverse selection of workshops and talks teaching about various tools or techniques hackers could utilize in their creation process. From AI and Identity Verification to the future of healthcare, almost every aspect of STEM was covered. The speakers, who are all professionals in their fields of study, were able to share their expertise with the participants and aid them with their projects. During the event, countless questions were asked and answered. We hope to bring more interactive workshops to our audience in the future. STEM for FEM was also amazed at the diverse participants, from ambitious middle school students all the way to university students.

Through Quantahacks, STEM for FEM was able to create opportunities for minorities in STEM and encourage many to take the first step into the world of computer programming. We hope we inspired many to pursue their interests in whatever field they are into and offered them the resources they need to keep going. Through our sponsors and grants, STEM for FEM was happy to present monetary prizes of up to $200 to outstanding participants.

With over 360 participants, 6 experienced speakers, and 6 amazing sponsors (including the government of Canada), Quantahacks was a huge success.

Don’t miss out on our next initiative! Quantahacks is finished, of course, but it doesn’t really stop here – we will have more projects lined up, so stay tuned for those! You can follow us at @stem_for_fem on Instagram and check out our website to check them out when they release.

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