Angela Hu


Director of Logistics

Angela Hu is a rising junior at Port Moody Secondary School in the IB program. She is passionate about STEM, and participates in science and math competitions. She also regularly engages in debate tournaments. As a young child, she was always curious about the world around her and how everything worked. She hopes that through STEM for FEM, she can inspire and foster the same curiosity for science that she has always had. In her free time, she especially enjoys playing the piano and watching documentaries. Angela is looking forward to creating an impact in diversifying the science field!

Sophie Feng


Director of External Relations

Sophie Feng attends Port Moody Secondary as a rising junior in the IB diploma program. She serves as the vice-president of the Investing Club and Community Leadership Club. She has been involved in STEM her whole life, specifically in coding and game development and has launched a few games of her own. Sophie is committed to sparking a similar passion and love for all things science and technology in girls. In her spare time, she can be found keeping up with the stock market and news and participating in MUN conferences. Sophie is ecstatic to be working with children and showing them the wonders of STEM!

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